May 29, 2008

Dancing Queen

The big day is Saturday! So you think you can dance?

Morgan in her 3 costumes:

Memorial Day Parade

The Brownies marched in the Parade on Monday. It was very hot, but there was a nice breeze, so it didn't feel too bad.

Morgan & Emily waiting patiently at the monument for the speeches.

Rocky Raccoon

We moved Mom into her new apartment and while looking out the window to the back, we saw Rocky Raccoon sitting on the fallen tree cleaning himself! Isn't he cute?

Memorial Day Program...

In the rain. Last year we were packing frozen ice bottles for the Memorial Day program. To beat the heat, they scheduled it for earlier in the day, unfortunately, Mother Nature wasn't told of the change in plans. It was cold and drizzly, but always a nice way to honor our veterans.

Farm Fun!

We brought the Brownies to the farm to earn their plants try-it. This kitty was sitting in the field, looking for mice, I think!

The girls planted seeds to bring home and lettuce seeds for the salad garden at the farm.

May 14, 2008

Starting Pitcher!

The Divas started pitching last night (they practiced for about 30 minutes before the game). Each inning, the coach chose a girl to pitch. Morgan was the first girl chosen to pitch! She did great. She pitched to each hitter 4 or 5 times and then the coach took over. A few girls got hits off of her, and she got a little tired toward the end of the inning, but she was very proud of herself!