July 11, 2012

Hunger Games Page Pebbles Magnets

Another piece of our party favor bags was a set of three page pebble magnets.  Another set of images I bought on Etsy.  Cut them out with a one-inch circle punch and glued them to the page pebbles, adding a magnet to the back.  Easy and fun!  

July 10, 2012

Mickey Bracket

I made an SVG out of a PNG file in a digital kit.  Enjoy!

Here is the SVG.
Here is the SCUT file with the Shadow.

July 06, 2012

Hunger Games Bottle Cap Necklaces and Zipper Pulls

Our Hunger Games bottle cap necklaces and zipper pulls.  I bought the images from a seller on Etsy.  We also made magnets out of another set of images and "page pebbles" I found at the dollar store.  (More photos coming!)

July 02, 2012

May the odds be *ever* in your favor :)

Morgan wanted a Hunger Games themed birthday party.  No, they are not going to try and kill each other...

I found an image of the mockingjay pin online and made an SVG out of it.  I cut the SVG out of gold adhesive vinyl and put it onto clear plastic tumblers I found at the Dollar Tree.  The last few are better than the first few, but overall we are happy with how they came out.  We filled them with Willie Wonka candies, Nerds, Bottlecaps, SweeTarts, and Laffy Taffy.

We'll be making bottlecap necklaces and page pebble magnets too.