March 19, 2009

Brownies go Scrapbooking

We took our Brownie troop to A Time for Memories yesterday to earn their Scrapbooking Try-it. Some of the girls were a little bored, i.e., the ones who's moms scrapbook, but I think they had a good time when all was said and done. Here's my little monkey working on her page (after a good crying jag because the woman running the "class" made an example of her by saying "that's how you DON'T use adhesive..." Oy, I could have clocked her!).


Valerie said...

Oh she did NOT say that to your princess??? WTH? Did she learn her teaching skills working in a Russian gulag???

joybear said...

I don't see globs of glue dripping off the I am sure she was doing just fine!! Glad she didn't stay sad long.