March 30, 2009


We got a new kitty last week. "Buddy" showed up in our backyard on Wednesday night. We were out and when we came home, he came running over and practically leaped into Dan's arms. He was purring and rubbing against us and tried to follow us in. Of course, we fed him...Got up on Thursday morning and he was still there and crying like mad to be let in. I got anxious about him being outside because we live on a REALLY busy street.

I tucked him away in my bedroom on Thursday, and he spent the day there. We brought him to the vet to see if he had a micro chip...I called several vets and the humane societies to see if anyone had reported a missing cat matching his description and no one had...I called the neighbors to make sure he wasn't any of theirs...I posted on Craigslist and another website...No responses...

So, Dan took him to the vet on Friday afternoon to get him tested for kitty leukemia and kitty HIV. He was clean, so we let him into the "general population" with the other two. So far, Meezer seems to be doing best with him. Alley doesn't like him, but Alley doesn't like anyone, so that's just typical Alley behavior.

I keep reminding Morgan that his owners may still show up, but she's already attached, and really, so are Dan and I. He's incredibly friendly, and he's very well taken care of, so I know he's someone's pet.

Dan named him "Buddy" but every time I say his name, I sing this...

I really like Goliath, or even Bubba, but Buddy is driving me crazy! I can't stop singing that stupid commercial!

Here's the boy.

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joybear said...

What a pretty boy! Glad he found someone to take him in!